Great Board Meetings

A great board meeting is one in which the board makes the right decisions about the key strategic issues that meaningfully affect the future trajectory of the organization.

Great Board Meetings Are Active, Not Passive

If you have ever been in a board meeting in which the board simply listens to an update from the CEO or Executive Director, you know that many board meetings are far from being great ones.

Great Board Meetings Assign Homework

If your directors aren't leaving the meeting with specific tasks to follow up on, you're not getting the most out of your directors.

Great Board Meetings Spend Time Strategically

Your board is there to set the right strategy for your organization. There are things that have to get done in each board meeting. The right tools will help you get those things done as quickly and efficiently as possible so you and your board can focus on what should get done in each board meeting.

Great Board Meetings Take Preparation

You should create a process that lets you generate the information your board needs, and then spend your time preparing the insights your board and you can use to help your organization succeed.


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