Board Portals: An Overview

A board portal is a web-based platform that allows directors and managers to efficiently and securely communicate with each other. It offers board members easy, secure access to confidential documents, board materials and records board votes and consents. It gives managers tools to easily and efficiently prepare, run and follow up on great board meetings.

What to look for in a board portal

One Click Access To Materials

Directors should have one-click access to the latest meeting materials right from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. This eliminates confusion over which version of the materials to use and makes it easy for directors to access the materials wherever they are.

Integrated Notes

Directors should have the ability to easily take notes on the board materials and access those notes securely across any device.

Keep Information Secure

Sensitive information should be kept safely within the system and never travel unsecured over the Internet. All documents and notes need to be able to be securely managed and deleted in accordance with your organization's policies.

Efficient Scheduling

The system should allow managers and directors to quickly find available times for board meetings, schedule those meetings and keep all parties updated with the latest meeting details.

Consents and Approvals

Unanimous consents and other approvals need to be able to be quickly routed to the directors and their signatures received, tracked and archived in an easily accessible repository.

Executive Assistant Access

Directors are very busy people and they often have great support people behind them. A board portal that fits your needs is one that allows those administrative assistants access to the portal so they can support their directors. That way, even the most tech-phobic director can have their materials managed for them if need be.

More Than The Board

The board's committees need to be able to use the board portal as well as any other group within the organization that needs a secure way to manage meetings and documents.


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