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Board meetings should be times when the board is actively engaged to work on the key strategic goals of your organization. All too often, though, board meetings turn into bored meetings. This is especially true when management runs through a presentation instead of leading a discussion. One of the ways to move off of a passive (boring) style of board meeting and on to an active style is to make it as easy as possible for your board members to review the materials ahead of time.

By far the most common reason why management needs to present materials in the board meeting is because board members haven't reviewed them ahead of time. Sometimes this can be because the materials weren't sent out in time. Some times because members find it too much of a hassle to dig through their email to find the right version of the documents they are supposed to review.

Whatever the reason, iBoardrooms can help. iBoardrooms makes it easy for managers to put together timely packages for members to review, and makes it easy for board members to review those documents by keeping them organized in one place and accessible with one click from email or calendar.

Give iBoardrooms a try free for 30 days. Just click "Sign Up" at the top right of the screen.

Jul 21, 2016 2:36 pm EDT