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Boards of Directors examine and handle the most confidential and sensitive documents that organizations have. And they want to be able to access that information in a timely fashion, and to be able to reference past documents in order to understand key trends over time. But at a certain point, keeping those documents around can create more problems than they solve.

For this reason, many companies implement document retention policies that strike a balance in order to keep documents on file for reference for the right amount of time, but not too long. Those document retention policies often don't apply to boards, not because it wouldn't be a good idea to implement them, but because board members bring documents outside of the company's control and the policies can't be effectively implemented.

As a result, documents that should be deleted per company document retention policies are instead still available for discovery in the case of litigation. iBoardrooms provides a solution for this problem. iBoardrooms has a cloud-based document library that board members can easily access in order to effectively do their job of providing oversight for the organization. But because this document library remains within the iBoardrooms platform, it can be controlled and compliant with your organizations' document retention policies. Give us a try today, free for 30 days.

Apr 7, 2016 5:02 am EDT