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A recent story in the New York Times about the NBA's Golden State Warriors, shows the importance of open lines of communication in an organization.

Golden State, a team trying to break the record for most regular season wins in NBA history, have been reinvented by their ownership group since 2010. Turning them from a perennial bottom dweller into the best team in the association. One of the keys to their success has, undoubtedly, been Stephen Curry, the league's best player. But another key to their success has been a willingness to keep open lines of communication with all of the members of the team, the management and the staff. As the New York Times article linked to above points out, one of the keys to defending LeBron James, the star player for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals was a technique noticed by one of the video coordinators on the team.

A video coordinator on an NBA team is, as the title implies, not a senior position, but head coach Steve Kerr listened to the advice, incorporated it into the Warriors' game plan and won the NBA title. Keeping that kind of open communication is critical for every organization and is particularly critical among board members. iBoardrooms provides secure, private communication tools to make communicating with other board members easy. Give us a try and help your team win it all.

Mar 31, 2016 5:21 am EDT