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The capitalization table or "cap" table, is one of the key documents for executives and board members at for profit companies. The cap table records which investors own what equity and debt in the company. Knowing who owns what is important for board members and executives to be able to make the right strategic decisions for the company and its investors.

Often, though, the cap table can get a bit lost in the shuffle. It isn't an accounting statement and so accountant and auditors aren't focused on it. Good CFOs have this document close at hand, but it can be difficult to ensure that other executives and board members have the latest version of the cap table if there are transactions happening in company securities. What can happen is that executives and directors are using different versions, some of which are out of date resulting in, at best, wasted time to get everyone on the same page and, at worst, strategic mistakes.

iBoardrooms has a solution for cap table confusion. iBoardrooms provides a simple way to keep track of the cap table. Executives and directors have one place where they can easily see the current cap table and can see previous cap tables in order to see how the capitalization of the company has changed over time. CFOs never need to worry about whether directors have the current version of the table and all interested parties can easily find the information they are looking for. The cap table can even be easily shared with third parties using iBoardrooms' virtual dataroom.

So stop playing hide and seek with your cap table, give iBoardrooms a try. It's free for thirty days.

Mar 10, 2016 6:14 am EST