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At iBoardrooms, we know that your board is more than just a box to be checked. Your board is a key strategic resource for your organization. With the right communication plan, your board becomes a valuable asset as you pursue your goals.

iBoardrooms puts the strategic needs of your organization front and center, where they need to be. In addition to sitting on your board, your members have their own busy professional and personal lives. Efficient communication with them is critical for the success of your business.

Because your board members meet infrequently, the more organized you can be, the better your meetings will go. All too often, board meetings get sidetracked by problems getting materials out to board members, members not having the meeting details close at hand, or myriad other logistical issues.

iBoardrooms has been built from the ground up to get the administrative details out of your way and let you and your board focus on the key strategic objectives that drive success.

Keep Your Board's Focus On Strategy.

Every board meeting is an opportunity to lead. Don't waste them.

One of the very most important parts of running effective board meetings and of maintaining good relationships with your members is to get the meeting materials (the agenda and any supporting documents) out in advance of the meeting. There are two reasons why this is so important:

  • It shows appropriate respect for your board members time and judgment.
  • It allows the board to focus on the key strategic issues that are on the table.
All too often board meetings are just sessions in which the members collectively read the board materials.

If you have ever experienced a board meeting that is just an incredibly expensive reading comprehension test, you know that they are excruciatingly boring. All board members take for granted that their organization's leader can put together a board report. Where the leader can build trust is by focusing the board during the meeting on a discussion of the key strategic questions that face the organization.

When the leader of the organization lets the board into their thinking on key strategic questions, it gives the board confidence in the leader's judgment and allows them to buy in to the leader's strategic direction.

iBoardrooms helps you keep your board's focus on your key strategic issues by helping you get meeting materials out to your members in advance of your board meeting:

  • Reminders to help you get the materials together on time
  • A professional, consistent format for the board materials to make them easy for members to review
  • Simple notifications to let members know when the materials are ready
  • One-click access for members to review the materials
iBoardrooms makes it easy to get the materials out and reviewed so you can spend board meetings focused on your key strategic issues and build your board's trust and confidence in your organization's direction.

Keep Your Organization Focused On Execution.

iBoardrooms makes keeping your board organized simple and easy.

Getting ready for a board meeting is stressful enough, but because they happen relatively infrequently, leaders can find themselves reinventing the wheel each time. And sometimes reinventing the wheel is actually the only option because the documents and templates from the last meeting may not be readily at hand.

But reinventing the wheel in order to put the right board materials together in the right way is a distraction from building your organization and executing on the strategy you and your board have worked on. What you want is easy way to get the right information out to your board in a form that will be familiar to them so that you can spend your time on building your organization.

iBoardrooms meetings prep materials have a simple and familiar format with minutes from previous meetings that need to be approved automatically inserted into the meeting agenda, todo checklists easily at hand to ensure you meet your objectives for the meeting, simple ways to record the outcome of votes on board resolutions, and a single click interface to send minutes to your board members after the meeting is done.


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Secure Your Communications.

It's 9:30 AM, opening bell on Wall Street. Do you know where your board packets are?

The best board members are constantly communicating with the organization's leaders and with each other. But, this stream of communication, while critical to your organization's success, can create uncontrolled liabilities as well. Your staff relies on the email and other systems internal to your company to communicate. But your board members often use their own systems. The challenge is that critical, sensitive information about your company is traveling over the public internet and copies are stored on systems outside of your control.

Once that happens:

  • How can you know that your organizations information is protected?
  • It is impossible to apply your document retention policies to the third party email services your board members may be using.
  • If privileged communications have leaked, you can't be sure they remain privileged.
  • If the information is material and non-public, you may have an SEC disclosure issue as well.

iBoardrooms helps you control your communication with your board and make that communication as effective as possible. With all of the tools you need iBoardrooms offers an integrated, secure messaging system to take the place of insecure email and integrated password protected conference call facilities to ensure a secure conference bridge as well.

Set the Right Tone For Your Board And Your Organization.

Make sure your communications are professional and productive.

Board members have so many different priorities that it can be a real challenge to find a meeting time that works for all of them. And, unlike your staff, your board members may all use different email, calendar and mobile systems.

The reality is, that you can't have an effective board without meeting regularly and predictably. If a significant portion of your communication with your members consists of trying and failing to find a time to meet, your members inevitably start to associate your communication with feelings of frustration and boredom. With the best of intentions, your members can't help but have those negative associations carry over into your next meeting.

iBoardrooms is built to let you and your members quickly and easily find a time that works for everyone, whether in person or by phone:

  • Gives members one click access to all of the meeting details in their Outlook, iCalendar or Google Calendar
  • Never makes members search in email for meeting details or directions to the meeting
  • Gives your members a professional user experience that reflects well on you and your staff
Giving your board an easy way to get the meeting scheduled and a professional experience when they look for the meeting details sets the right tone for you, your board and your organization.


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